Hell's Rebels

Killing and Liberation

Working the Underground

Barzillai’s new reign seems full of diabolic and incompetent minions who end up stabbing themselves and dropping entangle bags on their own damn selves (albeit while blinded).

If Thrune’s new bureaucrats are as clownish as the ones we’ve encountered so far it may be a matter of weeks before the overthrow is complete. Our powers are but steps above commoners yet we have achieved great success except for the mishap of our bard and her swimming abilities. Lara provided a replacement bard who is both more attractive and intelligent than the original so perhaps that is a good omen. Hopefully she is well connected in Kintargo like the rest of us because of the politics of the coming fortnight may be where our biggest challenges lie.

In the nobles quarters we did happen upon some clerical provisions which, if we had a priest, could have proven useful. Perhaps we can find a devotee to Milani who can assist us in our endeavor?

While I have no martial skills I feel I am finding avail with my new colleagues who clearly have military and or violent skill sets. Violence is our destiny. The fiends and servants of Asmodeus respond to nothing else. They have no quarter nor expect it so now we too much become ruthless and I am afraid we will create, and receive much suffering in the weeks and months that are to come.

Hail Kintargo and Fuck the Devils!
We will prevail…whatever the cost.

Mosath the Hellblack.


rolnickw thromich

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