Hell's Rebels

Excerpt From Grodin's Notebook

Day 1 of retirement:

Daughter tells me there’s a protest in town. I figure I’ve got nothing else to do. Plus, they’ll probably need some muscle for when the guards inevitably break them up. Should probably go armed.

I guess I was a bit early. Crowd seems to be growing. Hopefully more show up. Only a hundred protesters doesn’t make for much of a statement. Few guards scattered about, bound to be more on the way.

Things went south. Was bound to happen, I suppose. I stuck around and took down a few of those autocratic assholes. Hopefully it allowed a few more people to escape. There was a troubadour shepherding people out. Otherwise she seemed pretty useless. There was a caster of some sort as well as a rapier-wielding hooligan who were helping out. They seemed a bit odd, but otherwise trustworthy. Am on the run with them now.

Bio: Mosath the wizard (or sorcerer… I can never tell with these magicky types)
A drow I met at the protest. Seems fairly capable and surprisingly friendly for a drow. Favorite spell seems to be some sort of hallucinogenic spray. Its an odd tactic, but I can’t argue with the results. I’ll keep an eye on him, but I don’t think he’ll be too much trouble.

Bio: Seykos the swashbuckler
A quick and secretive fellow. Spends most of our fights dancing around with his rapier. He wears mostly black and covers his face with a mask. Hasn’t given me any reason to distrust him yet, but I’ll need to learn more about him.
Update: He approves of the rat. Can’t be that bad of a guy then.

Bio: Rexus Victo…something
Man we found being mugged in the streets. The muggers were easily dispatched by my new tag-a-longs and me. He seems to be a bit of an odd fellow. He dresses well and is a bit too well groomed to be a commoner. Possibly a homosexual. Nonetheless, he seems harmless. Wants us to chase down an old hideout of a secret organization called the Silver Ravens. Never heard of them. He seems to be well-connected however. Friends with a lot of the shopkeeps. Could be useful in the future.

Bio: Laria of the Long Roads Coffeehouse
A truly down-to-earth woman, both in demeanor and in stature. A bussiness-owner and seemingly a successful one at that. Good taste in food/drink and easy on the eyes. However, she seems a bit naive. She took us in rather quickly, especially considering the fact that we were well armed and on the run. So far, she’s been good to us. Should pay her back in the future.
Update: Discovered that she’s part of the slave liberation movement. Dangerous work. Better keep an eye on her. I’d hate for her to get hurt on our account. Offered us the use of her cellar hideout. Once again, we’re in her debt.

Day 2:

Explored the hideout of the silver ravens. Frankly, I’m surprised it actually exists. Dangerous place. Lots of squatters. Ended up fighting rats, grimples and weird demon things. Found some good equipment for us and some letters for Rexus. Overall a profitable venture, but a strange one. The demon creatures seem to be the product of some sort of summoning mishap ages ago. Should keep my ears open for any clues as to what happened. Maybe Mosath and Rexus will find answers in those papers.

Also, we got a pet rat. Already has a taste for blood. Should give me something to do now that I’m out of work.

The hideout under the coffeehouse had a few slaves gambling down there. Seemed sketchy. Why hide away like that, rather than talk to Laria? What were they gambling with if theyre escaped slaves? The rest of the party seems to be ok with them, but I have my reservations. A ‘brother’ of theirs attacked us on sight. Does not bode well.

Troubadour was eaten by a croc. I nearly was too, but barely made it. Should invest in some lighter armor when around water.


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