Hell's Rebels

Killing and Liberation
Working the Underground

Barzillai’s new reign seems full of diabolic and incompetent minions who end up stabbing themselves and dropping entangle bags on their own damn selves (albeit while blinded).

If Thrune’s new bureaucrats are as clownish as the ones we’ve encountered so far it may be a matter of weeks before the overthrow is complete. Our powers are but steps above commoners yet we have achieved great success except for the mishap of our bard and her swimming abilities. Lara provided a replacement bard who is both more attractive and intelligent than the original so perhaps that is a good omen. Hopefully she is well connected in Kintargo like the rest of us because of the politics of the coming fortnight may be where our biggest challenges lie.

In the nobles quarters we did happen upon some clerical provisions which, if we had a priest, could have proven useful. Perhaps we can find a devotee to Milani who can assist us in our endeavor?

While I have no martial skills I feel I am finding avail with my new colleagues who clearly have military and or violent skill sets. Violence is our destiny. The fiends and servants of Asmodeus respond to nothing else. They have no quarter nor expect it so now we too much become ruthless and I am afraid we will create, and receive much suffering in the weeks and months that are to come.

Hail Kintargo and Fuck the Devils!
We will prevail…whatever the cost.

Mosath the Hellblack.

Rebuilding the Ravens
The Rebellion Begins to Form

Week 1 of the Rebellion

After claiming the The Wasp Nest, the party began to recruit new members. As they worked towards recruiting additional supporters, REXUS VICTOCORA was hard at work at translating the mysterious Documents that the party found in the Fair Fortune Livery.

The group heard that nobles were being held captive at the Salt Works Factory, and decided to launch a rescue attempt. The group was rather stealthy, until Grodin Stringefort tripped into a wall and altered the guards to their presence. However, the guards were rather inept at fighting, and the party quickly dispatched of them.

No nobels were found, but several miners and workers were rescued and joined the rebellion.

Week 2 of the Rebellion

The party explored [[:rexus-victocora | REXUS VICTOCORA]]’s former home estate and other locations that had been burned to the ground during the The Night of Ashes. When exploring the ruins of the Silver Star (a music shop) the party discovered a shrine to Milani and some items worth keeping.

Upon returning to the The Wasp Nest, an act of murder was uncovered. Someone with access to the base had sabotaged the wall to cave in on the area the Tengu were sleeping (killing 2 of them). Who could this mysterious saboteur be?

The Founding of a Rebellion
The Wasp Nest

After Grodin Stringefort was almost eradicated by a dire rat, the party quickly cleared out the rest of the Fair Fortune Livery. However, towards the end they found demonic runes and were assaulted by devilish lemures. After defeating them, they found several Silver Raven Documents and 4 silver raven figures.

Upon returning to Long Roads Coffeehouse, Laria Longroad recruited the party to explore the a secret area of the basement. It turns out that Laria Longroad is actually the city leader of the Bellflower Network. Laria’s smuggler friend who was supposed to appear in the base below never came, and strange noises have been heard in the base that Laria calls: The Wasp Nest.

Upon exploring the Wasp Nest you came across a hostile Dire Corby. Later, the party discovered Korva and her her sisters who are Tengu. They were the escaped slaves. It turns out that the Dire Corby (their brother) had eaten the smuggler who was supposed to ferry them to safety. The party reached a peaceful negotiation with the Tengu and eventually recruited them to the rebellion.

When finishing exploring the Wasp Nest, an albino alligator was discovered in the water (it had eaten some of the Tengu). During a fateful battle, the Bard who was sick of hearing how worthless she was dove into the water in an attempt to save Grodin’s life. The attempt worked, but at the cost of her own life.

Excerpt From Grodin's Notebook

Day 1 of retirement:

Daughter tells me there’s a protest in town. I figure I’ve got nothing else to do. Plus, they’ll probably need some muscle for when the guards inevitably break them up. Should probably go armed.

I guess I was a bit early. Crowd seems to be growing. Hopefully more show up. Only a hundred protesters doesn’t make for much of a statement. Few guards scattered about, bound to be more on the way.

Things went south. Was bound to happen, I suppose. I stuck around and took down a few of those autocratic assholes. Hopefully it allowed a few more people to escape. There was a troubadour shepherding people out. Otherwise she seemed pretty useless. There was a caster of some sort as well as a rapier-wielding hooligan who were helping out. They seemed a bit odd, but otherwise trustworthy. Am on the run with them now.

Bio: Mosath the wizard (or sorcerer… I can never tell with these magicky types)
A drow I met at the protest. Seems fairly capable and surprisingly friendly for a drow. Favorite spell seems to be some sort of hallucinogenic spray. Its an odd tactic, but I can’t argue with the results. I’ll keep an eye on him, but I don’t think he’ll be too much trouble.

Bio: Seykos the swashbuckler
A quick and secretive fellow. Spends most of our fights dancing around with his rapier. He wears mostly black and covers his face with a mask. Hasn’t given me any reason to distrust him yet, but I’ll need to learn more about him.
Update: He approves of the rat. Can’t be that bad of a guy then.

Bio: Rexus Victo…something
Man we found being mugged in the streets. The muggers were easily dispatched by my new tag-a-longs and me. He seems to be a bit of an odd fellow. He dresses well and is a bit too well groomed to be a commoner. Possibly a homosexual. Nonetheless, he seems harmless. Wants us to chase down an old hideout of a secret organization called the Silver Ravens. Never heard of them. He seems to be well-connected however. Friends with a lot of the shopkeeps. Could be useful in the future.

Bio: Laria of the Long Roads Coffeehouse
A truly down-to-earth woman, both in demeanor and in stature. A bussiness-owner and seemingly a successful one at that. Good taste in food/drink and easy on the eyes. However, she seems a bit naive. She took us in rather quickly, especially considering the fact that we were well armed and on the run. So far, she’s been good to us. Should pay her back in the future.
Update: Discovered that she’s part of the slave liberation movement. Dangerous work. Better keep an eye on her. I’d hate for her to get hurt on our account. Offered us the use of her cellar hideout. Once again, we’re in her debt.

Day 2:

Explored the hideout of the silver ravens. Frankly, I’m surprised it actually exists. Dangerous place. Lots of squatters. Ended up fighting rats, grimples and weird demon things. Found some good equipment for us and some letters for Rexus. Overall a profitable venture, but a strange one. The demon creatures seem to be the product of some sort of summoning mishap ages ago. Should keep my ears open for any clues as to what happened. Maybe Mosath and Rexus will find answers in those papers.

Also, we got a pet rat. Already has a taste for blood. Should give me something to do now that I’m out of work.

The hideout under the coffeehouse had a few slaves gambling down there. Seemed sketchy. Why hide away like that, rather than talk to Laria? What were they gambling with if theyre escaped slaves? The rest of the party seems to be ok with them, but I have my reservations. A ‘brother’ of theirs attacked us on sight. Does not bode well.

Troubadour was eaten by a croc. I nearly was too, but barely made it. Should invest in some lighter armor when around water.

The Beginning

Aria Park Protest

Everyone arrived to see the man who has turned your once beloved city of Kintargo into a living hell. While there, eggs were thrown, asses were bared, and insults flew threw the air. After some time the man Brazilla Thrune revealed himself and stated his 8th proclamation:


The revealing of this proclamation caused the protest to turn into a full scale riot. During this riot you saw Brazilla Thrune’s servant Content Not Found: Nox take a dagger to the throat and immediately heal. You managed to escape relatively unharmed and fled the scene.

The Alley

After stooping to catch your breath, you took note of the other notable protesters who fled the scene with you. Just after the four of you were introduced. A man cried out for help, and your group noticed several thugs beating him senseless. The party decided to save this man who introduced himself as REXUS VICTOCORA.

A New Ally

After speaking with REXUS VICTOCORA, he led you to the Long Roads Coffeehouse. Once there you were introduced to a halfling woman, Laria Longroad. REXUS VICTOCORA requested that you work with Laria Longroad and retrieve anything you can find from an old rebellious group called the Silver Ravens from the Fair Fortune Livery. His information came from a note provided by his mother who claims in the note to belong to a secret society called the Sacred Order of Archivists.

The Livery

After gaining entrance to the Fair Fortune Livery, the party was attacked by feral dogs. Grodin threw down his shield though, and the dogs were unable to attack the party and quickly fell to their attacks. While exploring the upper levels of the Livery several strange noises were heard, objects were seen to move on their own, and there were fluctuations in temperature. A secret entrance to a basement was found, and dire rats attacked the party. Grodin tempted fate and was almost killed by a particularly nasty rat bite. After killing the rats, the party opened the door to find several grimples hiding on the other side…


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