Hell's Rebels

The Founding of a Rebellion

The Wasp Nest

After Grodin Stringefort was almost eradicated by a dire rat, the party quickly cleared out the rest of the Fair Fortune Livery. However, towards the end they found demonic runes and were assaulted by devilish lemures. After defeating them, they found several Silver Raven Documents and 4 silver raven figures.

Upon returning to Long Roads Coffeehouse, Laria Longroad recruited the party to explore the a secret area of the basement. It turns out that Laria Longroad is actually the city leader of the Bellflower Network. Laria’s smuggler friend who was supposed to appear in the base below never came, and strange noises have been heard in the base that Laria calls: The Wasp Nest.

Upon exploring the Wasp Nest you came across a hostile Dire Corby. Later, the party discovered Korva and her her sisters who are Tengu. They were the escaped slaves. It turns out that the Dire Corby (their brother) had eaten the smuggler who was supposed to ferry them to safety. The party reached a peaceful negotiation with the Tengu and eventually recruited them to the rebellion.

When finishing exploring the Wasp Nest, an albino alligator was discovered in the water (it had eaten some of the Tengu). During a fateful battle, the Bard who was sick of hearing how worthless she was dove into the water in an attempt to save Grodin’s life. The attempt worked, but at the cost of her own life.


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