Hell's Rebels

The Beginning

Aria Park Protest

Everyone arrived to see the man who has turned your once beloved city of Kintargo into a living hell. While there, eggs were thrown, asses were bared, and insults flew threw the air. After some time the man Brazilla Thrune revealed himself and stated his 8th proclamation:


The revealing of this proclamation caused the protest to turn into a full scale riot. During this riot you saw Brazilla Thrune’s servant Content Not Found: Nox take a dagger to the throat and immediately heal. You managed to escape relatively unharmed and fled the scene.

The Alley

After stooping to catch your breath, you took note of the other notable protesters who fled the scene with you. Just after the four of you were introduced. A man cried out for help, and your group noticed several thugs beating him senseless. The party decided to save this man who introduced himself as REXUS VICTOCORA.

A New Ally

After speaking with REXUS VICTOCORA, he led you to the Long Roads Coffeehouse. Once there you were introduced to a halfling woman, Laria Longroad. REXUS VICTOCORA requested that you work with Laria Longroad and retrieve anything you can find from an old rebellious group called the Silver Ravens from the Fair Fortune Livery. His information came from a note provided by his mother who claims in the note to belong to a secret society called the Sacred Order of Archivists.

The Livery

After gaining entrance to the Fair Fortune Livery, the party was attacked by feral dogs. Grodin threw down his shield though, and the dogs were unable to attack the party and quickly fell to their attacks. While exploring the upper levels of the Livery several strange noises were heard, objects were seen to move on their own, and there were fluctuations in temperature. A secret entrance to a basement was found, and dire rats attacked the party. Grodin tempted fate and was almost killed by a particularly nasty rat bite. After killing the rats, the party opened the door to find several grimples hiding on the other side…


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