Hell's Rebels

Rebuilding the Ravens

The Rebellion Begins to Form

Week 1 of the Rebellion

After claiming the The Wasp Nest, the party began to recruit new members. As they worked towards recruiting additional supporters, REXUS VICTOCORA was hard at work at translating the mysterious Documents that the party found in the Fair Fortune Livery.

The group heard that nobles were being held captive at the Salt Works Factory, and decided to launch a rescue attempt. The group was rather stealthy, until Grodin Stringefort tripped into a wall and altered the guards to their presence. However, the guards were rather inept at fighting, and the party quickly dispatched of them.

No nobels were found, but several miners and workers were rescued and joined the rebellion.

Week 2 of the Rebellion

The party explored [[:rexus-victocora | REXUS VICTOCORA]]’s former home estate and other locations that had been burned to the ground during the The Night of Ashes. When exploring the ruins of the Silver Star (a music shop) the party discovered a shrine to Milani and some items worth keeping.

Upon returning to the The Wasp Nest, an act of murder was uncovered. Someone with access to the base had sabotaged the wall to cave in on the area the Tengu were sleeping (killing 2 of them). Who could this mysterious saboteur be?


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